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Who I am

I am a 15 year old singer/songwriter currently living in Germany. I love to write songs inspired by my life with my favorite instruments, the ukulele and the electric guitar.

My Goal

I take music very seriously, and I hope to become a musician when I'm older. I appreciate not only expressing myself through my songs, but also seeing other peoples' reactions. 

As for now...

Before I'm an adult and need to start worrying about bills and such, I'm trying my best to play for as many people as possible, and who knows? Maybe I'll release some music properly! The future is unpredictable.. 


In My Head - I got to sing at the Apollo Theater in New York City! It was such an honor, and I got to sing with a proper band for the first time. I had so much fun I forgot to be nervous!

Open Up - this is just one of my favorite songs.

Forget You - a cover of Cee Lo Green where I decided to practice my producing skills and sing one of my all-time favorite songs.

Clearly - a cover of Grace VanderWaal's interpretation of Johnny Nash's 70s hit

 "I Can See Clearly Now." Thank you so much for all of the views on this video!

more videos


Time Flies 

This is the first song I ever put up on Youtube.

Now it's the first song I've ever produced as a demo and put up on my Soundcloud :)

Grey Spaces

Grey Spaces is about a very confusing person who was in my life who kept pulling me in and pushing me away, and how sick I was of being moved around like that.


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